When and how much to feed a baby

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Why Formula Feeding Matters by Shel Banks

This article has been taken from chapter 3 of “Why Formula Feeding Matters” by Shel Banks, published by Pinter and Martin in 2022. Click here to buy a signed copy of the book, or here to watch a podcast about it.    How do we know when our babies are hungry? Some of the common early feeding cues which babies … Read More

Responsive Feeding of a Baby Fed by Breast and Bottle

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Transferring successfully and efficiently between feeding at the breast and feeding with a bottle, whether the bottle contains expressed breast milk or infant formula, is a skill which many families could do with developing for various reasons. This article describes how families with mixed-fed babies can avoid the so-called ‘nipple teat confusion’, and how they can use bottle feeding effectively … Read More

Breastfeeding the Baby with Faltering Weight

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‘Faltering Weight’ is used to describe a baby whose weight gain is less than expected. If your baby has faltering weight they will need to be assessed and you may need specialist support from either a midwife or health visitor with additional training and expertise in supporting breastfeeding, a local breastfeeding peer supporter or an IBCLC (internationally board certified lactation … Read More

Adding in Supplemental Bottle Feeds to a Baby with Weight Concerns

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When a baby is not gaining weight as expected, then use of the term ‘responsive feeding’ will no longer mean we are responding to feeding cues, or aiming to slow down the pace at which a baby takes their feed, but that we are instead responding to their needs. Weight concerns indicate they are not transferring enough milk to meet … Read More

How much milk will my bottle fed baby drink?

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If you decide to bottle feed your baby you still need to follow their feeding cues, in the same way as you would if they were breastfed. In short: A newborn baby’s tummy is tiny, only the size of a cherry! Even by one month a baby’s tummy is no bigger than a chicken’s egg – and it fills quickly … Read More

How to Bottle Feed

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If you are considering bottle feeding, whether because you intend to exclusively formula feed, whether you are choosing to add in bottle feeds of expressed breastmilk or formula for convenience, or whether you are needing to supplement a breastfed baby because of a concern about feeding in the short term, it’s important that anyone caring for the baby understands about … Read More

My Terms and Conditions

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These are the terms and conditions of service for Shel Banks IBCLC Infant Feeding Specialist consultations. Cancellation / rescheduling of consultations  I have only a limited availability for admin time and consultations in any given week and when families book out my time and then cancel or rearrange appointments this creates further admin for me. It would be appreciated if potential … Read More

Managing the baby with colicky symptoms

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Colic is the name for a collection of symptoms with varied and sometimes unknown cause – could be trapped wind or upset tum or food intolerance or something else. There are a variety of things sold to help with colicky symptoms but they work in specific ways and address just one potential cause so won’t work for everyone. Infacol is … Read More