I offer private infant feeding consultations via video call, and I can also offer remote support via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp; at present I am not offering home visits (face-to-face in your home). See PRIVATE CLIENTS page for more information.

I offer well-received webinars on “Introduction to Colic”, a longer more in depth webinar on “Colic, Reflux and Food Allergies”, a webinar on “Introducing Complementary Foods”, and a webinar on “Basic tips for breastfeeding”. There is also a session on complex breastfeeding issues available. See this page for more details, reviews and how to book.
I have been asked to present online for iLactation, Holistic Sleep Coaching and Babyem, and regularly provide Facebook Live Q&As for a variety of organisations and on my own Facebook page.
I would be happy to put on a class in your area for a group of expectant families: please get in touch to ask for pricing. I also offer an antenatal debrief and preparation service – see more information here.

As part of my NHS role in a local hospital I regularly train multi-disciplinary groups on many aspects of infant feeding including breastfeeding management, relationship building, and communication skills. In my role as Infant Feeding Information Specialist for LIFIB I have delivered training sessions and workshops on various aspects of our work including safe infant sleep, safer formula preparation, prescribing for infants and breastfeeding mothers, managing common infant feeding issues, and allergy and intolerance.
I train Maternity Nurses at OCN Level 3 & 4 for a London-based company: read a little bit about me, and them here.
In a previous commissioned role I devised and delivered two neonatal unit peer support training programmes, in Blackpool and in Liverpool, and in 2017 I trained a team of breastfeeding peer support volunteers for a community and hospital peer support programme in Barrow-in-Furness. Prior to the pandemic I was involved in developing a team of breastfeeding peer supporters in Blackpool to provide support in face to face breastfeeding groups.

I teach on Level 3, 4 and 5 OCN courses for Babyem and Holistic Sleep.

I have devised and produced a course on Colic, Reflux and Allergies with Maureen Minchin and Babyem – it is an online course and accredited with the OCN as Level 4. You can buy it through the link above – which nets me a small commission – or learn more about it here.

I have also been asked to devise and present sessions across the pan-Lancashire area on Epigenetics, the Microbiome and the Milk Hypothesis in late 2016 and early 2017, a session on Infant Formula Feeding at the Growing Families conference in October 2016, sessions for Derbyshire Health Visiting in 2017 and 2018, a suite of workshops on colic, reflux and allergies for a community team in Salford in Dec 2019 and a bespoke breastfeeding specialist course for infant feeding champions in Feb 2020. Most recently I have been asked to present various webinars on Supporting the Families of Unsettled Babies for WBW in New Zealand (Aug 2020), Wiltshire Infant Feeding (Apr 2021) and the Australian Sleep Conference (May 2021), LLL Scotland (June 2021) .

In 2024 I will be speaking in person at the Cornwall Infant Feeding Peer Support Study Day, doing an online presentation on bottle feeding for Better Breastfeeding, and speaking at some other events in the north west of England April to July – details tba.

Please get in touch if you have any sessions in mind.

I have recently presented on Milk Banking in the UK; peer support in the neonatal unit; Colostrum Banking for Pregnant Women with Diabetes (pp13); the Infant Feeding Information Board; the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative New Standards; and Lactose Intolerance, Colic, Reflux and Cows Milk Protein Allergy in Infants for LIFIB, and I have previously chaired both days of the Breastfeeding Festival each year from 2014 to 2018. I am a confident and well-received speaker.

I was asked to speak at the Growing Families Conference and the Blackpool LIFIB event in October 2016, and at an event in Portsmouth in February 2017. I delivered LIFIB workshops in Bury and Salford during May and June 2017, and I have spoken about the NICE Faltering Growth Guidance for groups of health professionals in Newcastle, Derbyshire and Lancashire, and Colic, Reflux and Food Intolerances in Chester and Derbyshire, as well as maternity nurse training in London and formula feeding workshops in Derbyshire in 2018 and London and Manchester in 2019. I have also appeared on television talking about infant feeding, in 2018 (photo above taken from BBC Breakfast 6th October 2018 – see video here) and C4 Dispatches The Great Infant Formula Scandal in 2019 . I provided a session on infantile colic and systematic review in Portsmouth Feb 2019, as well as a session on Infant Formula Feeding for Health Visitors at Brunel University in September 2019.

I have also done online lectures for the likes of iLactation, GOLD and ABA in the past few years. In 2022 I spoke in Southend to a group of health professionals about bottle and formula feeding, unsettled babies, allergies, colic and reflux for a full day. In 2023 I was asked to speak about the use of digital technology in breastfeeding support for the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers conference in Birmingham, and at the Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Nurture conference on both digital support and also my specialist subject of the unsettled baby.

Please contact me for more information or to discuss your requirements.

In 2017 I completed a thematic review on my region’s sleep related sudden infant death, and I have recently completed the last of three systematic reviews of evidence around infantile colic, via the Cochrane Institute. I authored a paper for inclusion in the 2015 MAINN publication “Maternal and Child Nutrition” (pp13).
Additionally I have previously served on development groups for two NICE guidelines (Milk Banking and Postnatal Care) and have recently completed work on the development of NICE guidance on Faltering Growth in Infants and Young Children.
I have written some pieces for Essential Parent, contributed a piece on reflux and colic to Professor Amy Brown’s book Positive Breastfeeding, and a chapter on colic, reflux and allergies to the book on Supporting Breastfeeding for the Medical Professional,  as well as pieces to various magazines such as Mother & Baby and the Positive Wellness Zine, and I was asked to write a book “Why Formula Feeding Matters” for Pinter & Martin, published Jan 2022.

On BBC Breakfast, Oct 2018