My Terms and Conditions

Shel BanksAbout Shel's work

These are the terms and conditions of service for Shel Banks IBCLC Infant Feeding Specialist consultations.

Cancellation / rescheduling of consultations 

I have only a limited availability for admin time and consultations in any given week and when families book out my time and then cancel or rearrange appointments this creates further admin for me. It would be appreciated if potential clients could consider this when booking and if they need to move or cancel their bookings, and give me as much time and notice as possible.

I recognise that life can be unpredictable, however if you cancel within 48 hours of the booking and I cannot move another family into that booking time then I hope you can understand that I reserve the right to invoice you for anything up to the full amount owed.

My commitment to the families I work with:

I love supporting families with infant feeding – it’s my absolute passion; my vocation. I want to provide support and information which makes things better for new families.

I can provide tailored information, support and expertise only based on the information which you provide to me; to this end, please complete the supplied client history form with as much detail as possible, and be prompt in providing additional information, videos, photos etc as requested. I will usually need this information in advance of offering a booking.

I cannot offer support to every family who contacts me, so I often signpost lactation contacts to other IBCLCs as I am very busy and want to ensure families get the best and soonest support. Please do not be offended if I pass you on, and please know that I would trust the specialists that I recommend, with my own children – there is no higher accolade!

My commitment to my NHS role and my roles with the other organisations I work with:

I have four adolescents. Yes, four 😁

I have a half time project management / infant feeding support role in the NHS and paid and unpaid roles with other research, teaching, training, advocacy and support organisations, including charity trusteeship, as well as being a doctoral candidate.

Additionally, as an IBCLC I have certain legal and moral responsibilities in terms of continuous professional development and documentation, which takes time.

My private practice working with families is slotted around all of this and so I have found it necessary to impose certain boundaries for the protection of all.

My priorities in any given day / week / month are to my own family first, then my contractual and legal responsibilities, followed by the most time-sensitive work which its outstanding in my to-do list – usually this is families with unsettled and uncomfortable babies who are struggling, and then meeting agreed timescales for organisations I work with.

Now that I have begun my PhD I intend to devote more time to research into supporting the families of unsettled babies, and so my current work with families one to one supports this, but I also need to take time out from time to time to read and keep up to date.

Additional note: I was quite unwell in early 2020 with COVID-19 and I have been left with some longer term effects, and so I have also realised that I need to prioritise my own wellbeing; I am now endeavouring to take at least one day off every week, and to create some down time every day. Please respect this when awaiting a response from me.