In our current times I have found that many families are in desperate need of support but are unable to afford to pay privately for it. I try to be equitable in providing support a far as possible, but this does mean spending lots of time working for free!

As I was finding it hard to justify all of the voluntary work I undertake each week, alongside supporting 4 adolescents and a home, and now my PhD studies, I was persuaded to take donations to my Equity Fund, so you can contribute towards sessions of private support (which may be face to face or remote, advocacy or infant feeding support) for those less able to afford it.

Please enter your details below to donate as much as you feel able to do, or send a donation direct using the bank details you already have for me – which means the whole amount you send will reach the fund rather than a slice being taken by paypal!

If you would like to direct your donation towards a particular thing please do let me know.

Thank you, so much – for myself and for families who those you are helping by being so generous.