Following the pandemic, I am endeavouring to work remotely wherever possible, by videocall and messaging. Sometimes, a home visit may still be necessary / advantageous, and in such cases please take a minute to review my standard terms of service:

I charge £100 plus travel at 45p per mile for a home visit of up to 2 hours, payable via bank transfer.

The decision to meet face to face is a joint decision between both parties. Opting for in-person service implies assuming the risk of exposure to COVID-19 or other illness.

Please take note of the following terms in light of the current situation.

Prior to my visiting your home you agree to the following, or will make contact as soon as is possible to rearrange your consultation:

  1. You and everyone in your household feel completely well that day
  2. No one in your household has:
  • a fever of above 37.8 degrees celcius
  • a persistant cough
  • breathing problems such as shortness of breath without exercise
  • a change or a loss of smell and taste
  • any of the new symptoms of new variant – upset tummy, aching muscles, headache, runny nose, sore throat etc.

     3. Neither you nor anyone in your household have been within 2 metres of anyone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 within the last 2 weeks

Please note that despite our best efforts, there is an inherent and unquantifiable risk that you may catch or spread COVID-19 by my attending your home for consultation.

I am taking the pandemic very seriously and taking every precaution I can to reduce the risk to everyone.

However, despite how careful we are with our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), our cleaning protocols and our infection control measures, we cannot eliminate the possible transition of COVID-19.


In addition to continuing to practice good hygiene when I am in your home, I am adding the following safety measures to my home visit terms:

– I will be washing my hands as often as necessary during the consultation. Please have soap and paper towels (or clean towel) available for me.

– I will be wearing appropriate PPE, including a pair of vinyl gloves if I touch you or your baby

– Please let me know in a timely manner if you or anyone in your family is symptomatic of any illness.

– If you or anyone in your home has symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness, please disclose them to me at your earliest convenience so we can create a plan to keep us all safe and illness-free.

– In case of our own illness or family emergency, we will communicate with you in a timely manner and will make every effort to reschedule you or refer you to another IBCLC.

ADDENDUM: I personally had COVID-19 in April 2020 and have since tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies in May 2020 and Jan 2021. I am vaccinated. 

CONFIRMATION: By booking the home visit with me you are agreeing to the above disclaimer. Please complete the form below.

Please let me know before I visit if you have any questions.

Home Visit Declaration

COVID-19 precautions: family declaration and agreement