I have been been an IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant) since 2010 and in addition to working strategically both locally and nationally to improve things for new families, with roles in the NHS and for some parenting charities, I have also made myself available for some private IBCLC consultations for antenatal preparation, for supportive and informative consultations with breastfeeding mothers, and those who are formula feeding and would like up-to-date evidence based and impartial information on all aspects of feeding their baby.

I can support families remotely via video call, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Home visits will be able to resume when the immediate crisis has ended.

I am myself a mother of three, and have been supporting mothers one to one and in groups, originally as a peer supporter, since 2001.

I specialise in the unsettled baby!

I can work with you on troubleshooting for babies who won’t settle (colic, reflux, trapped wind and allergic babies are my speciality!), breastfeeding which is not comfortable for Mum, babies with faltering weight gain, antenatal preparation, postnatal debriefing, returning to work, mastitis and blocked ducts, breastfeeding, formula feeding, mixed feeding and also introducing complementary foods. I can also assess for tongue tie though I would myself refer you to an appropriate NHS or possibly private practitioner if it was thought to be hindering feeding: I do not perform the procedure myself.

Please use the contact form to contact me for a no obligation chat, or the client history form to submit your information for me to review.

Home visits cannot currently be accommodated, however in normal circumstances I can travel to your home any where in the north west of England, including Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside – I have always offered ‘Zoom’ video consultations for those further away or who do not require face to face support. I have also travelled to north Wales and West Yorkshire, and am regularly in London, so home visits in central and south London are sometimes possible.
All clients can also receive ongoing remote support, by Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp as required. I have full indemnity insurance.


A 45 minute video consultation is £45, and I can offer more intensive follow up by message or video call for various fees as agreed.

I also offer a package of distance support by WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for £45 per week or £140 per month, available alone or as an add-on to other packages of care.

My flat rate fee for a home visit – usually available at short notice under normal circumstances – is £90 for around 2 hours, plus my round-trip mileage at 45p per mile. Initial enquiries and some follow up by text, email or FB message, are free of charge / included. The cost of a home visit includes remote access for up to 2 weeks by Messenger, WhatsApp or email, in the price.

As an example, home visits in Liverpool or N Cheshire would be c.£160 in total, in Blackpool and North Lancashire c. £100, in East and Central Lancashire and Blackburn-with-Darwen c. £105-120 in total, Cumbria / South Lakes might be £120-150 and in Greater Manchester might be c. £130-145 – all these are estimates based on recent visits.
I have recently travelled to North Wales, West Yorkshire and the north of Cumbria but obviously my mileage charges might make this more expensive for you.

More complicated situations may require more than 2 hour visits, for instance moving twins from bottle to breast would require a 3 hour slot, and so the cost of the home visit would be £110 plus mileage.


**NEWS** I deliver and have pre-recorded various webinars – for example  Faltering Growth in Milk Fed Infants – to find out more or to express interest in future sessions, please use the contact form, thanks.

NEWS – I now take donations to my Equity Fund, so you can contribute towards private support for those less able to afford it. Please click here to donate as much as you feel able to do.


If your baby has not yet been born and you are at the ‘planning’ stage, I am able to offer a package of preparation video call, possible postnatal face-to-face home visit or ongoing video calls / remote support via social media, and ongoing support to suit your needs – or anticipated needs if you are still expecting your baby. Typical costs for a family living around eg 55 miles away would be £180 altogether, to include an initial video call antenatally of 45 minutes, a 2 hour home visit when baby is here, and ongoing remote support for 2 weeks from when the baby is born.
It really does pay to be prepared and most families who have the antenatal ‘prep’ via videocall find they do not need the follow up appointment – and so do not pay for it.